Detta är vår mest kompletta språkkurs för seriösa studier.
Lär dig grunderna i denna omfattande nybörjarkurs i italienska.


No previous language experience is required with Linguaphone's highly acclaimed Italian language course, which has helped thousands of people learn Italian to an advanced level.

Written by Italian language experts and using native speakers, our Complete Italian language course will give you a good grounding in the grammar, verb tenses and sentence structure needed to communicate effectively and confidently in Italian .

This popular course covers a mixture of social, travel and business scenarios and includes a wide range of course material to help you master the Italian language. Not only that, but you'll develop an active vocabulary of over 2000 Italian words.

What our advanced Italian language course includes:

9 audio CDs.
A 228 page handbook which provides step-by-step lesson plans, full grammatical explanations and fun activities.

A 190 page textbook - contains the printed and illustrated transcription of the CD recordings.

A 222 page Written Exercise book - for practising writing using the language taught in each lesson.

A 120 page Oral Exercise book - with spoken exercises to improve your accent and pronunciation.

A Study guide - contains full instructions of how to plan your study to get the most out of your course.

A Linguaphone carry case


Language levels you will achieve:

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

What you'll learn:

Over 2000 practical Italian phrases and sayings.
Master essential and detailed Italian vocabulary.

Ability to speak, listen and write advanced Italian .

Development of an authentic accent.


Sample topics covered:

Sightseeing and asking for directions.

Asking questions and ordering food and drink.


Visiting the doctor.